Virtual Fisher Commands

Find a list of commands for the bot

Basic Commands

%help - Get the list of commands right inside the bot.
%fish - Catch some fish! This is the main command of the bot.
%shop - Shop for upgrades to buy using the %buy command.
%inventory - Open your inventory.
%sell - Sell fish you've caught for virtual money.
%daily - Get your daily reward.
%coinflip - Flip a coin to have a chance at doubling your money.


%color - Sets the color of the embeds the bot responds to you with. This is used to show off your progress in the bot.
%stats - Check your stats.
%mypos - See your position on leaderboards.
%top - Check out the leaderboards.
%servertop - Shows a leaderboard for the current server you're in.


%clan - If you are clanless, it displays a help command for clans. If you are in a clan you will see your clan menu.
%info - Information about the bot. This shows things such as total servers and who made the bot.
%invite - Get a link to the official server, and a link to invite the bot to your servers.
%vote - Get a voting link.
%donate - Support the development of the bot and receive donator perks.


%bait - Select your bait. You can buy different types of bait with %shop bait.
%rod - Select a different rod to use. You can buy different rods with %shop rods.
%quests - List of quests. Quests reset daily at midnight GMT.
%multipliers - See your current multipliers. This is affected by things such as bait and upgrades.
%balance - Check your balance.
%boosts - Check your currently active boosts. This also shows the duration left on global boosts, if there is any.
%boosters - Check how many personal and global boosters you have.
%charms - Charms increase many different stats and are found in chests when you are above level 20.
%autosell - If you are a silver donator or higher, you can toggle auto-sell on/off with this command.


%lockto - Disables the bot in every channel except the channels you specify when running the command, or by doing %enablechannel.
%unlockall - Enables the bot in every channel it has permissions to operate in.
%enablechannel/disablechannel - Allow or disallow commands in a certain channel.
%setprefix - Set this bot's prefix for a certain server.