Virtual Fisher Guide

Learn the basics of the bot

Virtual Fisher is all about catching fish!
You can use /fish to cast your rod and catch fish, which sell for money and also earn you experience as a fisherman.
To sell your fish, use /sell which earns you money.
Money can be used to buy many things, such as:
- Better rods, which allow you to catch better fish in larger quantities
- Bait, which provide various buffs.
- Permanent boosts, which are helpful upgrades that last forever.
- Boats, which decrease your fishing cooldown and increase the amount of fish you catch.

To access the shop, type /shop.
Use /profile if you want to view your level, balance, and how many fish you currently have.
After leveling up high enough, you have the option to prestige, for huge permanent fishing boosts.

Some milestones and things to consider:
- Exotic Fish are unlocked at level 10, they are used to buy temporary boosts with /shop boosts.
- Charms are unlocked at level 20, they provide minor boosts to many different stats, viewable by typing /charms.
- Biomes are unlocked at certain level milestones.
- When you fish in another biome, your cooldown is increased, but you catch better fish.
- Your cooldown is limited to 2 seconds at the fastest.
- Clans give you fairly large buffs to help you fish, it is recommended you join a clan, or make your own to take advantage of these buffs.
- Each bait has a different purpose, it is recommended you try out each one to see which fits your current needs.

Have fun fishing, be sure to join our official server to interact with the community and ask any bot-related questions you may have.