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Donating for any item on this store will prompt you to login through discord, no discord information besides your account name will be provided to us.
To process payments, Virtual Fisher uses PayPal, which allows you to pay either through a PayPal account, or by simply using your debit/credit card.

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Bronze Perks

• 5 Personal boosters
• Supporter rod
• Bronze bar color


Gold Perks

• 15 Personal boosters
• 3 Global boosters
• Toggleable auto-sell
• Supporter rod
• Gold bar color
• 100 of each exotic fish
• Access the supporter channel in official server


Silver Perks

• 10 Personal boosters
• 1 Global booster
• Toggleable auto-sell
• Supporter rod
• Silver bar color


Global boosters

• Purchase global boosters, a boost that lasts 1 hour each, can be activated at any time, and gives everyone a 50% fishing bonus.